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The Finecolour EF102 skin color marker pen sets the color brush head to 24/36

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  The brush tip is soft and full of elastic.
  Colors of Finecolour art markers are based on the business color design system (BCDS). Each color has unique BCDS code and the ink is strictly controled to guarantee stable quality.
  Alcohol based ink is perfect in mixing colors and layering colors.
  #0 is transparent color to help mix colors.
Storage tips:
Keep in shady and cool place. Lie down or upright is OK.
Extremely high and low temperature environment won't damage finecolor art markers.
Colors will fade out under long time strong light or direct sun shine exposure.
UV protect coating can reduce the damage of your artwork from strong light.
Art marker pen can permeate the paper. Use thick paper or art marker special paper instead. 
 How to make the mixing color effect more natural?
1. Choose colors from the same color scheme;
2. Apply the light colors first and then dark colors;
3. Use colorless blender #0 to make it natural.
Brand Name: Finecolour
Model Number: EF102
Body Color: Black
Type: Marker Pen
Writing Medium: Paper
Ink Color: Colored
Body Material: Plastic
Nib Shape: Soft Brush/Oblique
Length: 150 mm
Ink Composition: Alcohol-Base
Package Quantity: 1 Set Marker Pens of 24/36 Colors 
Package included:
1 Set Skin Color Marker Pens(come with a box)

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